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 Chinese Educator Visits Plainville

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Chinese educators have been making the rounds of schools in Connecticut recently, looking to learn a bit about how we teach children in this country. My fellow webhost Melissa Pionzio had this about the group that visited Wesbrook and another teacher from China is visiting schools in Plainville.

Wang Laixu is the principal of a high school with 5,000 students in China's Shandong province. He arrived here in Plainville on Jan. 7 and leaves this coming Friday. School officials organized a reception for him and sent along a picture from the reception. Here's Laixu with, from left, Superintendent of Schools Kathleen Binkowski, school board member Barbara Willard and board Chairwoman Becky Tyrrell.

pic2.JPGOne of the more intriguing challenges for people in Plainville has been that Laixu does not speak any English and arrived without any translator to help him. That meant school officials scrambled to find people who could help, in once case getting a former teacher in the town's adult education program who speaks Chinese to help out. Telesca said another translator came from Cheshire.

Plainville has hosted teachers and school administrators from the Shandong Province for a number of years. In 2007, two teachers from the province spend time in town, said Assistant Superintendent of Schools David Telesca.

Telesca said this year's visit could eventually result in a formal relationship between the high school Laixu runs and the Plainville schools. He said the board of education approved the outlines of such a relationship that Laixu proposed when it met last night. Initially, there may be email contacts between the students in China and those in Plainville, Telesca said. Having teachers and administrators from Plainville visit China has also been suggested but Telesca said the cost of doing that may be prohibitive for the time being.

But in the meantime, Laixu is here seeing  how teaching is done in Plainville. He's been touring schools, sitting in on classes and checking out other items of interest in town.

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